Sample Script – Speech

Section A: Directed Writing

The following script is a sample answer for English Form 5  mid-year 2010 examination paper of Pahang. It is really a simple draft written just for my ‘special students’. Will you get an ‘A’ for a script like this? Frankly speaking, I don’t know… (I am not one of those SPM examiners)


Good morning to the chairperson, the Principal, teachers and friends. I am honoured to be given the chance to deliver my speech entitled “Become a member and be excellent”

Today is the first day of English Week. As the President of the English Language Society, I would like to invite those who poised to become excellent students to join the society. What I can tell you is, you will not regret your decision.

Dear audience.

You have the option of joining any club or society you like, but I hope you will seriously consider becoming a member of the English Language Society.

Now, why do you have to be a member of this club?

First, you will definitely improve your English. Through interactions among members, you will gain confidence in speaking and be able to write better English. At the same time, you may instill in yourselves good reading habit since you have a lot of chances to read our collection of reading materials. In due course, you will improve your listening skills too.

Second, our society is the perfect avenue for learning English in informal situation. We are known as the organizer of many activities like debate and speech competition, ‘Talent Night’ and quizzes, to name a few. Through your participation, not only that you will gain management skills, you will become a more responsible person too. As you know, being responsible is critical in doing teamwork.

Lastly, members of the English Society would acquire leadership qualities. As future leaders, you need these qualities to lead the nation. Leaders must also able to speak in public. Since members would take part in English speaking competition, they will brush up their talent to speak in public. Through English Society, you will learn English in a fun way. Thus, you will enjoy yourselves without realizing that you are learning the language. Part of the joy is to meet new friends who have similar interests. As members, you are encouraged to mingle with each other especially among new members.

Dear audience.

In conclusion, our society can act as a one-stop-centre of learning. I am sure you will enjoy being a member of the English Society as experienced by our existing members. Come to us for registration, which is absolutely free of charge.

Thank you.

                                                                                         Written by: Editor

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6 thoughts on “Sample Script – Speech

  1. You guys are idiots. This speech is the worst ever. Take care to get it changed idiots. 1st ammendments right of speech!!!

  2. Saya ingin di beri contoh script tentang children need to be educatedon the dangers of drug taking,,,

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