Sample answer scheme for Form 5 Mid-year English (Temerloh schools)

There are a lot of lessons from the novel “Catch Us If You Can”. One lesson that I have learnt from the novel is we have to show our love to other human beings. As fellow human beings, other human beings are our relatives. They are just like us because we are born from the same ancestor, we live in the same planet and we breathe the same air.

This lesson affects the characters in the story. From the story, I believe almost all the characters are affected to some degrees.

The lesson affects Rory greatly and he becomes a person who really believes he has the responsibility towards his grandfather, Granda. From the beginning of the story, Rory never allow others to ridicule Granda and he is willing to spend time to take care of Granda although he is just a small boy. Rory becomes a boy who is responsible and mature to some degrees.

The lesson has also affects Granda. His love towards Rory makes him tries to become a good grandfather. He always mentions that he is able to take care of Rory although he is always sick. This has resulted a few awkward and funny occasions like leaving Rory alone at the school and blamed Rory for leaving him where as Granda is the one to be blame! The love makes Granda a happy person who tries to live up to Rory’s expectations.

This lesson affects Sammy, a stranger who helps Rory and Granda because of his love to humanity. Sammy is willing to risk himself trying to help Rory to reach Glasgow. He also become a figure who maintains his love although initially Granda is skeptical of him and called him ‘tinkers’.


In a nutshell, the love to other human beings affects many characters greatly and leaves a mark on all the characters. 


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